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 Our company is rated as “Chinese quality, Chinese service, reputation AAA enterprise”, products have successfully passed CCC, GS safety certification, product safety is guaranteed. Our products are suitable for industrial and commercial areas, residential areas, municipal engineering, garden lighting, street lighting, electric power bureau, development zones, villas, squares, etc.Use environmental protection lamps to light streets, roads, paths, parking areas, parks, gardens and yards, reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, eliminate pollution and protect the earth. Ju Ming lighting is a professional outdoor lighting manufacturer integrating design, development, manufacturing and marketing. We support OEM, ODM and OBM.


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Global Logistics Services

Ship your bespoke lights anywhere in the world with our efficient, reliable and affordable courier service.

Competitive pricing: Take advantage of our high volume shipments to offer competitive pricing for your customised luminaires, thereby reducing your shipping costs.

Trustworthy and reliable: Think of us as your reliable shipping partner. If a package is lost, we will assist you in obtaining reimbursement of shipping costs and product costs.

Fast and reliable delivery: we are close to all major ports, thus reducing FOB costs, and if you do not have a freight forwarder in China, we offer you quality CIF shipping.

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